How to Cut a Film – The Secrets of Editing – Film School’d


CineFix: “Intercut! Montage! The illusion of continuity! All hallmarks of the edit – the point in a film’s production where a film comes together and becomes greater than the sum of its shots”.

Via: CineFix YouTube Channel

Editing Interview Footage – Tips and Techniques


Editing Interview Footage – Tips and Techniques
In this tutorial Dave Dugdale and Chris Fenwick take us through the process of editing an interview.

Quote: “I got to watch Chris Fenwick who has been an editor for many years to cut one of my videos while we were at NAB2014.

Warning this is a long video, but I think you will learn a lot like I did.

You can check out Chris Fenwick’s podcasts. Also check out his YouTube tutorials as well. Also his twitter feed.

In the video Chris mentions making a multicam sync tutorial, you can check it out on his site.

From the title of this video, I wanted this to be more about the techniques used by a seasoned editor rather than which NLE was used. I thought Chris did a nice job providing some informative tips.

I was traveling very light with just two cameras but no lighting, I moved the lighting around the best I could in the limited time we had to create this video”.

N.B. Software used: Final Cut Pro X

Source: Dave Dugdale on YouTube

How to Edit with iMovie


How to Edit with iMovie
In this tutorial David A. Cox gives a good overview of editing procedure within iMovie (2013).

Quote: “This class covers all the basics of video editing with the brand new version of Apple’s iMovie. We cover how to import your footage, add transitions, sound effects, background music, color correction and stabilization, and much more! This class is for the 2013 version of iMovie”.