The 7 Keys of Storytelling: Begin at the End


The 7 Keys of Storytelling: Begin at the End

Before you even begin to tell your story it’s best to begin at the end. In other words, you need to figure out the basics: Define your objective; Identify your audience; Choose your medium; Pick a messenger.In this episode of StoryGuide you will learn how to identify your objective and start shaping your story.



3 Act Structure – Story Structure Tips – Screenwriting


3 Act Structure – Story Structure Tips – Screenwriting

This video covers the 3 act structure, the main plot points in film structure, and the reasons why story structure is so important for screenwriting and filmmaking.

Source: D4Darious


Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling.

Originally tweeted by Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats but produced into a free e-Book by her fellow staff colleague Stephan Bugaj, this eBook ‘expounds’ on each topic in detail. It is not actually Pixar’s rule book of storytelling, but a compilation of some ways in which staff at Pixar have formulated and developed their stories over the years.

Storytelling The Stillmotion Way: Part 2


Storytelling The Stillmotion Way: Part 2

Via the site: “Today Patrick and his team will be discussing pre-production, and how they use research to develop keywords to guide the production. From conducting pre-interviews, to scouting locations, to developing conflict and story, these keywords will help you develop the four P’s of storytelling — People, Place, Plot, and Purpose — that we discussed in the last segment.”

Source: Still Motion

Storytelling The Stillmotion Way: Part 3


Storytelling The Stillmotion Way: Part 3

 Via the site: “A storyboard is a way to organize and visually represent the main shots of your film.
-Making a storyboard allows you to be more thoughtful aboutcompositionlens choices, and transitions and to be prepared for the big day.
-In addition, it’s helpful to share a storyboard with clients and your crew in order to let others involved in on your vision, to promote discussion and generate feedback. Sometimes a full storyboard isn’t necessary, and a shot list might be better.”

Source: stillmotion