Learn Final Cut Pro X in 10 Minutes


Learn Final Cut Pro X in 10 Minutes
Here Aron Ranen of the DVworkshops gives a quick overview of how to learn Apple’s Final Cut Pro in 10 minutes. He also has some other interesting tutorials at his YouTube DVworshops site.



Adobe Speedgrade CC “Quick Guide”


Adobe Speedgrade CC “Quick Guide” / Color correct a zombie!!

Site: “In this tutorial I will show you how I would color correct a scene with a zombie and the basics of finding your way around the new Speedgrade CC. See below for all the topics covered:

1:00 – Setting up the scene
3:31 – Scene detection
7:30– Setting exposure
12:10 – Creating masks
15:15 – Secondary layers
22:33 – Object Tracking
26:26 – Isolating luma ranges (shadows/mids/highlights)
29:55 – Creating “looks”
33:23 – Rendering out”

Source: Dave Andrade

Codecs & Formats: What’s the Difference Between AVCHD and H.264?


What’s the Difference Between AVCHD and H.264?

Brief overview tutorial on containers, codecs and formats. Also, links to two useful articles below.



Source: www.videomaker.com

Hollywood’s History of Faking It – The evolution of greenscreen cinema.


Hollywood’s History of Faking It – The evolution of greenscreen cinema.

Via Source: “Go inside the history of the travelling mattes (now called chromakey) and learn the history of visual trickery used by filmmakers from the earliest filmmakers through to the modern day”

Source: Filmmaker IQ