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Sean Armenta | One Light Beauty Shoot for
Behind the scenes set-up of a model shoot, utilising some standard and basic lighting techniques.

Source: Sean Armenta


Natural Light Portraiture
Some nice tips on shooting ‘into the light’ and the use of reflectors.

Quote/Edited: “Discover the elements required for perfect natural light & fill in portraiture”.

Source: Karl Taylor

The SLR Lounge iPhone Photo Shoot ..
Quote/Excerpt: “There is a theory out there, that it “doesn’t take expensive professional photography equipment to take great photos.” …

For this photo shoot we have set some ground rules: Continue reading

iPhone Portrait Photography Crash Course | How to take great images with your iPhone or Cell Phone
Although produced in 2010, many of the same basic principles still apply. Also, Michael explains some of the technical considerations/limitations that need to be taken into consideration when using an iPhone/iPod or similar device to take photos!

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iPhonography: Innovation in Documentary Storytelling

Very interesting story from photojournalist Benjamin Lowy on his career path, interests, thoughts and reflections on the art and craft of photojournalism and his adoption of the iPhone as a ‘tool’ in the armoury of visual storytelling. Highly recommended (you won’t be bored!).

Quote: “Benjamin Lowy discusses his work in conflict zones and in the U.S. He was one of the first photojournalists to use social media platforms to publish imagery and is outspoken about its potential as a non-traditional venue for journalism.”

Benjamin Lowy Photography:

The History of Cutting – The Birth of Cinema and Continuity Editing

Quote: “Cinema began as a novelty – projecting dancing shadows on a screen of simple every day scenes. But through the contributions of talented artists, a new cinematic language of editing emerged. Trace the development of editing from The Lumiere Brothers through Georges Méliès, Edwin S. Porter, and D.W Griffith.”


Martin Scorsese: Insight

Here Martin Scorsese covers a range of topics around visual literacy and storytelling.

Source: Edutopia