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Tutorial on Cinematography – How to Maximize Your Camera’s Dynamic Range

Director/Cinematographer Matthew Rosen explains how to maximise your camera’s dynamic range.

Source: Kinetek


George Lucas’ Advice

George Lucas shares some advice on how he got into filmmaking as well as ‘seeking happiness’ (08:20 mins in).

Source: ColoradoFlier

Introduction to Colour in Digital Filmmaking


Non-Profit Video: The Production Process
From producing to directing, from shooting in the field to editing.


Hollywood’s History of Faking It – The evolution of greenscreen cinema.

Via Source: “Go inside the history of the travelling mattes (now called chromakey) and learn the history of visual trickery used by filmmakers from the earliest filmmakers through to the modern day”

Source: Filmmaker IQ

The Origins and Formatting of Modern Screenplays

Very good history of the benefits of utilising the script format, including the famous ‘continuity script’ for narrative story production, as well as the six ‘Master Scene Elements’ (around 09:38 mins. into the video for those who can’t wait!).

Source: Filmmaker IQ

The Sound and Music of Oblivion
In this video we hear how the director and composer of ‘Oblivion’ designed the soundscape for the film.

Via Source: “In this exclusive SoundWorks Collection profile we talk with visionary Director Joe Kosinski about the sound and music of his new film “Oblivion”. Also featured are Kosinski’s behind-the-scenes collaborators include Composer Joseph Trapanese, M83′s Anthony Gonzalez, and Re-recording Mixer Gary Rizzo, and Re-recording Mixer Juan Peralta”.

Source: Michael Coleman’s Blog