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Soul Searcher: 10 Minute Lighting Masterclass
Excellent low-budget lighting masterclass for movie making.
N.B. this video was shot “in the era of DV filmmaking” (2002), so lighting should be easier with current video and DSLR cameras.

Quote: “A quick guide to the principles of creating moody, noir-style lighting. Looks at everything from the best angles for your key light and the use of shadows, to how many lamps you can safely plug into one socket. For lots more cinematography tips and breakdowns, visit

You can view the entire 1:31 hour movie here: Soul Searcher

You can also watch a documentary on the making of Soul Searcher here:
Going to Hell: The Making of Soul Searcher.

Source: Neil Oseman on YouTube


Lighting for Video Series #9: Light Modifiers
Here dave Bode gives us some practical advice on the actual light modifiers e.g. a 5 in 1, ‘cookies’, moving blankets and black muslin.

Quote: “Get the most out of your production lights by using light modifiers. In this video tutorial we show you a few of the most common modifiers and how to use them on-set”.


Sean Armenta | One Light Beauty Shoot for
Behind the scenes set-up of a model shoot, utilising some standard and basic lighting techniques.

Source: Sean Armenta

Kodak Master Class Series: Lighting Dances with Wolves

Quote: “Dean Semler (Road Warrior, City Slickers, Dead Calm) demonstrates the techniques that won him an Academy Award for the cinematography of Dances With Wolves. Dean’s background in documentary films is a major influence on his visuals”.

Summary: “Dean discusses and demonstrates: wide screen composition, relationship between lighting design and coverage and the best use of high speed film stocks in low light situations”.

Source: Béla Pataki

Interview Lighting & Golden Hour

Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly explains how to set up a lighting scenario for an interview.

Source: FilmRiot

Interview Lighting Tips

Chuck Fishbein for Sony Professional, introduces some basic tips for lighting an interview both indoors and outdoors.

Source: Sony

A Tale of Two Meters

Here Mark Vargo ASC gives us some reasons why he thinks ‘light meters’ are still useful. Somewhat technical, so geared more towards intermediate videographers/photographers.