The Basics of Recording Audio for Digital Video


The Basics of Recording Audio for Digital Video

Via John P. Hess: “Dive into the details of the audio signal chain as we define the different components needed when recording on set for digital video”.

N.B. an excellent resource for filmmakers (Ed.)

 Source: Filmmaker iQ

How Do We Measure an Audience?


Via Filmmaker iQ

The success of a film or video is often judged on the size of the audience – but how do we measure that audience? – It’s not always as simple as counting tickets. In this lesson we look at the techniques and methods studios and distributors use to calculate who has seen their products and try to make sense of all those Box Office Numbers and Ratings.

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The History of Cutting – The Birth of Cinema and Continuity Editing


The History of Cutting – The Birth of Cinema and Continuity Editing

Quote: “Cinema began as a novelty – projecting dancing shadows on a screen of simple every day scenes. But through the contributions of talented artists, a new cinematic language of editing emerged. Trace the development of editing from The Lumiere Brothers through Georges Méliès, Edwin S. Porter, and D.W Griffith.”