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An informative video tutorial on the role of ‘peak normalisation’, ‘compression’, and ‘ hard limiting’ within Adobe Audition.

Source: Jason Huggins.


Production Mics

Here, Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly, gives some hints/tips on which mics to use for boom pole operation, and how to position them.┬áThe actual footage starts at 01:28 mins. in (you have to allow for the usual waffle/plugs etc. before the useful stuff appears).

Also an interesting video on ‘How to Build a $25 DIY Boom Pole‘.

Source: FilmRiot

Some notes on exporting your enhanced podcast, and a look at the final output from the previous tutorial (Fission 07).

How to create an ‘Enhanced Podcast’ (audio & images) in Fission.

How to ‘normalise’ an audio clip so that it maximises sound quality without distorting the audio.

How to adjust the Gain (loudness) of an audio clip in Fission.

How to use the Remove & Split tool in Fission.