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Ryan of Indie Cinema Academy reveals reasons why you should stop using your histogram to judge exposure.

Source on Vimeo:

[n.b. please view other videos on the use of histograms (under video production>camera), so you can make an informed decision on when to use, or not use a histogram]


Fenchel & Janisch DSLR Tutorial Series: How to get sharp and detailed videos!

In this DSLR video tutorial Moritz Janisch talks about getting the best image quality out of your camera. First off there is not one perfect solution to get a sharp image (video) but as usual there are a few components that come together to create a detailed image.

Source: Fenchel & Janisch

A short video shot with the JVC GY-LS300 camcorder, by Matthew Allard, ACS.

An in-depth look into the menu features of the JVC GY-LS300 by Matthew Allard, ACS.

You can find a detailed report on the camcorder at

Via “This specific tutorial is from the Pro Video Tips series presented by author Anthony Q. Artis.”

An informative video tutorial on the role of ‘peak normalisation’, ‘compression’, and ‘ hard limiting’ within Adobe Audition.

Source: Jason Huggins.

Soul Searcher: 10 Minute Lighting Masterclass
Excellent low-budget lighting masterclass for movie making.
N.B. this video was shot “in the era of DV filmmaking” (2002), so lighting should be easier with current video and DSLR cameras.

Quote: “A quick guide to the principles of creating moody, noir-style lighting. Looks at everything from the best angles for your key light and the use of shadows, to how many lamps you can safely plug into one socket. For lots more cinematography tips and breakdowns, visit

You can view the entire 1:31 hour movie here: Soul Searcher

You can also watch a documentary on the making of Soul Searcher here:
Going to Hell: The Making of Soul Searcher.

Source: Neil Oseman on YouTube