Cinematography: How to get sharp and detailed videos


Fenchel & Janisch DSLR Tutorial Series: How to get sharp and detailed videos!

In this DSLR video tutorial Moritz Janisch talks about getting the best image quality out of your camera. First off there is not one perfect solution to get a sharp image (video) but as usual there are a few components that come together to create a detailed image.

Source: Fenchel & Janisch


Your Camera’s Histogram: Explained


Your Camera’s Histogram: Explained
Quote: “A simple explanation of your camera’s histogram.
John Greengo offers an easy-to-understand explanation of a camera’s histogram. The histogram represents the variety of color tones in your photos and John helps you determine if you picture is too light or too dark, based on the distribution of color tonality in you histogram”.

Source: CreativeLive 

Codecs & Formats: What’s the Difference Between AVCHD and H.264?


What’s the Difference Between AVCHD and H.264?

Brief overview tutorial on containers, codecs and formats. Also, links to two useful articles below.……