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Source: Larry Jordan’s tutorial on how to improve audio recordings especially of the human voice within Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Video recordings with variable audio quality is a very common problem, and this step-by-step tutorial is a very useful guide on how to ‘smooth’ those variables out and to achieve the best quality recording possible. Well worth the time to read it.

Link: Premiere Pro CC: Boost and Smooth Audio Levels





Source: Larry Jordan’s tutorial on how to normalise video in Adobe Media Encoder.

This tutorial is really only for those of you who might have material to be broadcast. If you are web video producers then this is less important, but regardless it would still be worthwhile to be aware that such a standard exists for broadcast, as you never know when your own masterpiece may end up being broadcast.

There are a few guidelines that are technical at the start, but don’t worry, they are so you just know which option to choose depending on your country of origin/distribution. After that there is a visual step-by-step guide to the ‘normalization’ process.

Link: Loudness Normalization Tutorial.

A comprehensive overview of the Adobe Premiere Pro CC interface.

Source: Peachpit Press & Adobe Press

“Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC or CS6 in exactly 20 minutes. This tutorial is structured for beginners that have either little to no experience with Premiere”.

Source: KriscoartProductions

Excellent detailed explanation of the Lumetri Controls in Premiere Pro CC

Source: Learn Color Grading

ChinFat covers the following in this comprehensive tutorial:
1. The new Lumetri Scopes.
2. The new Lumetri Panel.
3. How to color grade and correct a project.
4. How to add the finishing look.

Source: ChinFat on YouTube

An Overview of the new Lumetri Scopes in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.

Source: Larry Jordan on YouTube