George’s ‘The Best Shotlist Template’



George’s ‘The Best Shotlist Template’
An overview of one person’s shotlist template. Link to the template below (Google docs).

Source: George V.K. 

Shotlist Template:…
Make sure you’re signed into Google when you try to download. You just need to click “Use this template” and then once you have your shotlist filled out, you down download by File > Export As…

Customizing the Premiere Pro Timeline


Customizing the Premiere Pro Timeline

In this video tutorial Jason Boone/, takes a look at how to customize the Premiere Pro timeline.


JVC LS300 (4K Review) – Hot Rod Cameras


JVC LS300 (4K Review) – Hot Rod Cameras

“Joey Rasool brings us the best review you will ever see for the JVC LS300 4K Camera.

The LS300 is the only Super35/APS-C sized 4K imaging sensor with a native Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount. But that’s not the only thing that makes the LS300 unique- the LS300 has the ability to actively change the size of the recording area of the sensor while you are shooting, which enables the best in-camera digital zooms on the market”.

Source: Hot Rod Cameras

Why You Should Stop Using Your Histogram


Ryan of Indie Cinema Academy reveals reasons why you should stop using your histogram to judge exposure.

Source on Vimeo:

[n.b. please view other videos on the use of histograms (under video production>camera), so you can make an informed decision on when to use, or not use a histogram]

Basic Audio Mixing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Basic Audio Mixing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

– Track height to show waveforms
– Arrange for audio mixing.
– Volume control for each clip
– Different color of Audio Clips
– Audio Meter
– Stereo and Mono Audio files
– Range of decibels. How to turn up and down.
– Audio Gain function.
– Cross-fades or envelopes.
– Keyframes. Adding, Manipulating, Deleting
– Initial clean-up and conforming audio levels.
– Add Extra Sound Tracks.
– Import Sound FX
– Add Ambient Noise.
– Add Sound FX
– Add Music.
– Perform Final Mix.
– Fade in. Fade Out.

Sound FX websites:

Royalty Free Music:

Source: chinfat on YouTube