Your Camera’s Histogram: Explained


Your Camera’s Histogram: Explained
Quote: “A simple explanation of your camera’s histogram.
John Greengo offers an easy-to-understand explanation of a camera’s histogram. The histogram represents the variety of color tones in your photos and John helps you determine if you picture is too light or too dark, based on the distribution of color tonality in you histogram”.

Source: CreativeLive 


Exposure compensation in digital cameras. How to fix your histogram.


Exposure compensation in digital cameras. How to fix your histogram.

Source: Marlene Hielema

exposure compensation

exposure compensation in a canon camera

How to Use a Camera’s Histogram: Part 1


How to Use a Camera’s Histogram: Part 1




“The ‘Histogram’ is a simple graph that displays where all of the brightness levels contained in the scene are found, from the darkest to the brightest. These values are arrayed across the bottom of the graph from left (darkest) to right (brightest). The vertical axis (the height of points on the graph) shows how much of the image is found at any particular brightness level… each of these 1 stop ranges contains within it just over 50 discrete brightness levels. (5X50=250 not 256)”. Source: