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Background, practical or theoretical considerations for lighting video/film productions.

Kodak Master Class Series: Lighting Dances with Wolves

Quote: “Dean Semler (Road Warrior, City Slickers, Dead Calm) demonstrates the techniques that won him an Academy Award for the cinematography of Dances With Wolves. Dean’s background in documentary films is a major influence on his visuals”.

Summary: “Dean discusses and demonstrates: wide screen composition, relationship between lighting design and coverage and the best use of high speed film stocks in low light situations”.

Source: Béla Pataki


Introduction to Colour in Digital Filmmaking


The History and Science of Colour Temerature

Source: FilmmakerIQ

Let There Be Light

From the site: “The video begins with a historical review of the origins of cinema lighting. Next – some background on the physics of light and color – and how these facts relate to the choices we make as cinematographers and photographers. The video concludes with a montage of modern lighting instruments and then a quick summation.”


Origins of Film Noir

Part of the Filmmaker IQ course “Origins and Techniques of Film Noir”, this particular video examines 4 Film Noirs: ‘The Stranger on the Third Floor’, the well known and much copied ‘Double Indemnity’, the equally famous ‘ Touch of Evil’ and ‘The Big Combo’.

Source: Filmmaker IQ