How Do We Measure an Audience?


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The success of a film or video is often judged on the size of the audience – but how do we measure that audience? – It’s not always as simple as counting tickets. In this lesson we look at the techniques and methods studios and distributors use to calculate who has seen their products and try to make sense of all those Box Office Numbers and Ratings.

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Oblivion 2013: Behind the Scenes


Oblivion 2013: Behind the Scenes

For those of you interested in ‘behind the scenes’ footage of science fiction films, this is an interesting look at ‘Oblivion’, released in 2013. According to the site “It has detailed information about the world of “Oblivion” the shot locations, the stunts, the props, and the combination of practical and CGI effects including a stunning look at the sky tower that has an amazing 360 degree screen to capture the look of being in the clouds”.

Oblivion Behind the Scences

Oblivion Behind the Scenes

Interesting note, as mentioned above, was how the production team used a ‘surround or 360 screen’ to portray a cloudscape rather than use green/blue screen on their impressive set. The reason given is that due to all the glass and gloss of the interior, it would have been very difficult to remove ‘spill’ form a green/blue screen in post-production. So, sometimes the old-fashioned in-camera effect is the way to go. Watch out for a full-scale model of the ‘bubble’ ship – looks great!

Quentin Tarantino On Making Movies


Quentin Tarantino On Making Movies

Some interesting advice early on about how a director ‘only’ needs to ‘explain his vision’ not to have some mystical capability or creativity, but an ability to communicate one’s ideas to other talented people to create that vision.

Via: The Charlie Rose Show (21 December 2012)

Quote: “Quentin Tarantino, the most distinctive writer-director in Hollywood these days, turns 50 years old today. Continue reading