iPhonography: Innovation in Documentary Storytelling


iPhonography: Innovation in Documentary Storytelling

Very interesting story from photojournalist Benjamin Lowy on his career path, interests, thoughts and reflections on the art and craft of photojournalism and his adoption of the iPhone as a ‘tool’ in the armoury of visual storytelling. Highly recommended (you won’t be bored!).

Quote: “Benjamin Lowy discusses his work in conflict zones and in the U.S. He was one of the first photojournalists to use social media platforms to publish imagery and is outspoken about its potential as a non-traditional venue for journalism.”

Benjamin Lowy Photography: http://www.benlowy.com/
Source: bhphotovideo.com


Smartphone/iPod Audio Accessories


Smartphone/iPod Audio Accessories 

Drew Keller of Storyguide, discuss three audio accessories that will allow you to record professional audio on your smartphone or mobile device.

There are other solutions available but the ones discussed in this video are: iRig Pro, iRig PRE and KV Connections cable. N.B. since this video was made the iRig Mic has been upgraded (see link below).

iKmultimedia produce the iRig devices.
kVconnection make the iPhone/iPod connection cable.

Source: Storyguide