The SLR Lounge iPhone Photo Shoot

The SLR Lounge iPhone Photo Shoot ..
Quote/Excerpt: “There is a theory out there, that it “doesn’t take expensive professional photography equipment to take great photos.” …

For this photo shoot we have set some ground rules:

1) iPhone Camera Only — We are not using any additional apps or functions other than the iPhone Camera that comes standard with each phone.

2) Accessories Less than $30 — We are limiting all additional photographic accessories to less than $30 each, and less than $100 in total for the entire shoot.

3) Non-Professional Model — We are using our lighting assistant and friend Yoko as our model. While she is beautiful, she doesn’t have any prior modeling experience.

4) Harsh Daytime Lighting — We rescheduled this shoot to ensure that we didn’t have any nice, photography-friendly overcast skies. We wanted to shoot in direct harsh sunlight so we can prove that this is possible regardless of the weather”.

Source: SLR Lounge

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