Modifying Lights


Modifying Lights
In this video tutorial, Richard Harrington for Adorama TV, shows you how to further enhance your lighting after you have set up your three-point lighting.

Quote: “When preparing for an on-camera, professional interview, it is important to try to get the most out of the lighting you are using.  In this episode, Rich demonstrates how to get the best skin-tone, hair light, and background light by using different light modifying techniques. Learn how to use lighting accessories such as gels, dimmers, flags, reflectors, and cookies to get a great-looking interview…”

Source: AdoramaTV

How to Edit with iMovie


How to Edit with iMovie
In this tutorial David A. Cox gives a good overview of editing procedure within iMovie (2013).

Quote: “This class covers all the basics of video editing with the brand new version of Apple’s iMovie. We cover how to import your footage, add transitions, sound effects, background music, color correction and stabilization, and much more! This class is for the 2013 version of iMovie”.


The SLR Lounge iPhone Photo Shoot


The SLR Lounge iPhone Photo Shoot ..
Quote/Excerpt: “There is a theory out there, that it “doesn’t take expensive professional photography equipment to take great photos.” …

For this photo shoot we have set some ground rules: Continue reading

iPhone Portrait Photography Crash Course


iPhone Portrait Photography Crash Course | How to take great images with your iPhone or Cell Phone
Although produced in 2010, many of the same basic principles still apply. Also, Michael explains some of the technical considerations/limitations that need to be taken into consideration when using an iPhone/iPod or similar device to take photos!

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