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Production Mics

Here, Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly, gives some hints/tips on which mics to use for boom pole operation, and how to position them. The actual footage starts at 01:28 mins. in (you have to allow for the usual waffle/plugs etc. before the useful stuff appears).

Also an interesting video on ‘How to Build a $25 DIY Boom Pole‘.

Source: FilmRiot


Kodak Master Class Series: Lighting Dances with Wolves

Quote: “Dean Semler (Road Warrior, City Slickers, Dead Calm) demonstrates the techniques that won him an Academy Award for the cinematography of Dances With Wolves. Dean’s background in documentary films is a major influence on his visuals”.

Summary: “Dean discusses and demonstrates: wide screen composition, relationship between lighting design and coverage and the best use of high speed film stocks in low light situations”.

Source: Béla Pataki

Interview Lighting & Golden Hour

Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly explains how to set up a lighting scenario for an interview.

Source: FilmRiot

Shooting an Interview

Richard Harrington gives some useful hints and tips on how to carry out an interview including: how to establish a rapport with your interviewee, how to phrase your questions and how to bring your interview to a conclusion.

Source: AdoramaTV


Introduction to Colour in Digital Filmmaking


Linklater: On Cinema & Time

Created for Sight & Sound magazine, Nov. 2013.
View accompanying text here: Linkater // On Cinema & Time.

Source: kogonada

What is Neorealism?

View accompanying text here: BFI Sight & Sound Magazine, May 2013.

Source: kogonada