‘smartLav’: Cheaper Alternative to a Radio Mic.


microTUTORIALS.com recently purchased the smartLav to test it out and found it very useful. The microphone (mic.), plugs into the ‘ear’ socket on a suitable mobile device, e.g. Apple iPhone, iPod or Android phone.

The VideoMaker review also highlights some of its pros. and cons. of the unit. However, the alternatives are a tethered mic., which can be cumbersome and limits you to the length of the mic. cable, or a radio mic. kit, which can be quite expensive (around €800 or $1,000). Each piece of technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Radio mics. give good latitude in how you record audio, allow monitoring of the signal (unlike the smartLav), and the quality is usually excellent. However, the smartLav is of good quality and a lot cheaper (more than 10 times that of a radio kit), so if you are on a tight budget it makes sense to go this route! You do however have to match the audio up to your video in post-production, whereas a live feed from a radio mic. will be recorded directly with the video, but that is a small price to pay for the lower cost of cable-free audio recording.

At time of writing the cost of the ‘smartLav’ was €50.00 inc. VAT (US$60 apx.).

Link: smartLav


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