The Five Elements of Great Chromakeying.

The Five Elements of Great Chromakeying.

Via Source: “Explore the 5 crucial elements of capturing a great chromakey for your production”.

Source: Filmmaker IQ

N.B. although this presenter talks about using After Effects for chromakey (near the end of this video), other NLEs also have chromakey built-in e.g. Adobe’s Premiere and Apple’s Final Cut Pro, and for less robust chromakey systems there are third-party plug-ins available.

According to HDWarrior, FCPX users need go to no other chromakey application as he now states that the one build into FCPX is one of the best available:

“I am so glad I choose FCPX after a lot of deliberation and soul searching…version 10.0.08 is a great editing tool and the inbuilt chroma key is second to none, DON’T buy any 3rd party chroma key as they can’t compete with Apples own version, I tried one claiming better keying of finer detail and it was not a patch on the Apple version”.



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