How Shotgun Microphones Work


How Shotgun Microphones Work

Although this video focuses on Shure microphones, it nevertheless gives a very good practical overview of how shotgun microphones work.

Source: Shure


Audio for Video – Sennheiser G3 Evolution Wireless Camera Kit


Audio for Video – Sennheiser G3 Evolution Wireless Camera Kit

This video covers the G3 kit unboxing but also covers the operation of the radio transmitter receiver. This actually starts at around 06:14 mins. in, if you want to jump to those instructions.

Source: SennheiserUSA

Microphone Pickup Patterns


Microphone Pickup Patterns

All microphones have a certain range of influence where they are most effective in engaging with an audio source be it the human voice or an artificial or natural audio source. These aspects come in a variety of what is called ‘pickup patterns’. This video explores the various microphone pickup patterns and suggests the best mic.  for specific occasions.

Source: Videomaker

Using an iPhone/iPod to Record Audio for Video


Using an iPhone/iPod to Record Audio for Video

If you are ever stuck for access to a high-quality microphone or recording system, all is not lost. An iPhone/iPod worn on the person and close to their mouth, either with or without an attached lavilier microphone can work very well and be synchronised in post.

Source: Fstoppers Fans